SYZW - 4B High Mesh Bag Circular Loom

SYZW-4B Mesh Bag Circular Loom is the second generation of SYZW-4. There are three points of improvement on SYZW-4B, compared with his predecessor.
First of all, the rotary speed is much faster, increasing from 60 r/min to 75 r/min, with the rate of 25%.
Secondly, SYZW-4B reduced its electricity consumption by 20. It is equipped the motor of 3 KW 4P, instead of 4 KW 4P.
Finally, the longevity of most wearing parts are extended, while the rotary speed increased by 25%.
Some particular efforts have been made, to achieve the encouraging effect above.

(1), modified CAM curve: makes the machine more stable when it works; Lower oscillation and reduce load.
(2), improved CAM process: makes the CAM completely achieved the requirement of cosine curve; It is also the basic guarantee of stable work and reducing load.
(3), improved intertexture mechanism: significantly extended spare parts longevity.
(4), improved the bugs of the main transmission system: applying SPZ and SPA triangle band, instead of hard-maintained turbine reducer and common triangle band. It not only increased efficiency and reduced the energy consumption, but also reduced maintain cost.
The measures listed above have considerably improved Polihua Mesh Bag Circular Loom. The feedback is encouraging.

The Parameter Table

Model Type  SYZW- 4
Quantity of Shuttles  4
Rotary Speed of Main Machine  0-75 r/min (By Inverter)
Power of Main Motor  3.0 KW 4P
Practical Power Consumption  2. 5 KW
Practical Power Consumption  2. 5 KW
Fabric Width
(changed by replacement of weaving ring)
Applicable Tape  PP/HDPE Flat Tape
Quantity of Warps  MAX.512 pcs
Weft Density
(changed by replacement of weaving ring)
  10-24 PCS/100mm
Bobbin Size(ID¡ÁL)  ¦µ38¡Á230mm
Winding diameter of weft  MAX.¦µ90mm
Dimensions  8.5 ¡Á 2.3 ¡Á 2.81 m
Gross Weight  2500kg